Sunday, July 10, 2011


OK here is my first post.

On this site I intend to offer challenges and assignments. I am a designer and an artist but I can't manage to do EVERYTHING all the time. I believe we can all help each other. I know things you do not and I expect that goes both ways. I hope to learn from you. I hope my observations and challenges can help you. Here's today's:

Today we all have a digital footprint, a social network, personal branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Maybe we have a twitter account and a face book account, an couple of profile pages like About. me or Google profile or linked in. 

What I want to know is how to manage it all? If I have a digital brand then trade-dress or appearance becomes important. A professional appearance demands a little consistency in terms of packaging. I have started an handful of sites now but they are all uncoordinated,. they all look different!

It seem like one of the first things of the many I need to do is to tell the world who I am and my appearance is a major part of that. I should think it would be obvious that I would not want a single template to make all my pages everywhere look exactly the same even if it were possible. Bur it seems to me that I would like to manage to come up with similar text and color appearances at very least some graphic that functions as a logo and something that ties the navigation of the linked sites that make up my footprint to help navigation be as accessible as possible.

In coming days I will let you see my footprint and maybe you can suggest something that will help me tie them together.

I expect this page to change and evolve a great deal too. 

Thank you for finding this post.

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