Friday, July 15, 2011

I am being mined... So how do I reduce miner errors?

Or for that matter, Minor errors!

FindLaw KnowledgeBase said: 

Have you noticed ads showing up alongside search results that seem to be reading your mind?  Every time you are online, your search history is being tracked by your internet browser. This information is compiled and used to connect you with ads that are targeted toward your search habits. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, these targeted advertisements account for over $300 billion worth of purchases.
 And that is, I suspect, just small potatoes. Maybe the miners read your mind superbly. I'm skeptical. I want more.

I certainly want more than just the Big Boys having a dossier on me. Why shouldn't YOU? If you have a service or product that suits my needs to a "T" why shouldn't we know about each other?

Why can't  I click a colorful button on my browser to highlight the nugget that would make my day if someone knew wanted it. or even my favorite colors, textures, and finished. (If I lived in Japan I could get a cell phone in a genuine wood case and probably a notebook or pad to go along with it. Why do I have to do the work of finding something AND selling it to me? But who knows what I lust after?)

In the profession of libraries the saying goes: to every reader a book, and for every book a reader. I can see no reason it shouldn't be that way for consumers and business people.

I need someone out there to build a profitable site where I can register my consumer profile(s) for the small business man to mine.

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