Sunday, July 17, 2011


You don't "do good", at least you don't accomplish much good, just sharpening a pencil stub.

Every so often you need to rethink the system... is charcoal on mammoth skin going to continue to cut it when you have an archive of rat-infested rotting skin?

One of humanities biggest problems is focus. I have a focal disorder so I am ALWAYS re-examining everything to do with perception. We have aphorisms like "don't sweat the small stuff" because that is something humans do often and well. We are overly concerned with the baby in the bathwater. There is still no point in keeping dirty water. Dump the Junk. Keep the baby.

Do-gooders face a mountain of issues that need fixing and almost all of them go to the pointy end of the stick to affect change. There are a million ten million changes needed. If they reviewed the system people could have computers and word processors in their houses...which is not to say that solves every problem or that THAT system does ot need to be re-examined again at a broader scale.

The Luddites have the easiest solution bar-none love and support the devils you know.

Luddites should have a place in society and be preserved in their ways where ever that prefer in thei universe of amber.

what is needed is Humanity 3.0. Its more than economy but that's as far as I got


Humanity 1.0
  • subsistence
  • agriculture-based

Humanity 2.0
  • consumer/mercantilist
  • consumer/industrial
  • consumer/service

Humanity 3.0
  • integrative
  • knowledge-based

Remember, we have Luddites for whom agrarian or mercantilist lifestyles appear preferable. The past is not erased; it just is abandoned mostly in the next Kludge iteration.

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